Rock the USSR Part 2 (with Artemy Troitsky and Tom Garza)

April 8th, 2020 · 55 mins 21 secs

About this Episode

Back for more via Zoom, Tom Garza joins Matt and Tom once again to discuss Russian rock during the late USSR period to modern-day Russia, the power of nostalgia, and the role of music in COVID-19. And this time legendary music critic Artemy Troitsky also joins from Estonia. To listen to the previous episode in this short series, follow this link: As always, thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy!!

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For the episode in Russian with Artemy Troitsky please visit:

For more on the impact of rock and roll on the USSR, see a feature from PRI:
To read about Joanna Stingray, see:

And check out the book Troitsky mentions: How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin by Leslie Woodhead

Also, as mentioned by Tom Garza in the first episode ROCK THE USSR, Artemy Troitsky's famous book BACK IN THE USSR: THE TRUE STORY OF RUSSIAN ROCK is available here:

Along similar lines, Troitsky in recent years released a new book on Soviet subculture, called (aptly enough) Subkultura: Stories of Youth and Resistance in Russia.

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Clips of songs included for educational purposes from YouTube videos of Valery Kipelov, Boris Grebenshchikov, and Artik & Asti.

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