Музыкальное путешествие со специальным гостем Артемием Троицким

April 12th, 2020 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

Artemy Troitsky was scheduled to come to Austin and visit us at the University of Texas just a few weeks ago, but of course, due to enforced travel restrictions and a host of unforeseen coronavirus complications, his visit has been postponed until the Fall of 2020, hopefully. However, we decided to check in with him via Zoom, anyway, and he was gracious enough to join us not once but twice in both English and Russian to discuss music past and present and also biopics about the most famous musical artists of our time. Matt asks him what biopic he would make and about whom if he had the resources and budget for it. Find out Troitsky's answer in this episode. (You can check out the episode in English here: https://www.slavxradio.com/rocktheussr2.)

As always, thank you for listening!

NOTE: This episode was recorded on April 7th, 2020 via Zoom.

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