"It Is What It Is": Western Media, the End of the USSR, and Russia Today (with Jeff Trimble)

April 25th, 2020 · 49 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

Jeff Trimble, Moscow Bureau Chief for US News & World Report during the late Soviet period, talks to us about his wild experiences reporting from behind the Iron Curtain and witnessing the dissolution of the USSR. A radio professional as well (and earnest space aficionado and Star Trek fan) he certainly brings some extra finesse to yet another Zoom session. Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: This episode was recorded via Zoom on April 15th, 2020.

(Pictured below, guest Jeff Trimble with famed lead singer of Aquarium, Boris Grebenshchikov in Trimble's Moscow apartment in the late 80s)

(Pictured below is the photo taken by David Remnick of Jeff Trimble in Yerevan in the 80s--the picture talked about at the beginning of the episode)

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