"Vampires of Serendipity" with Tom Garza

August 14th, 2019 · 42 mins 45 secs

About this Episode

Legendary Texas professor Thomas Garza brings his tremendous treasure chest of personal experiences in the Soviet Union to the studio, rekindling sights, sounds, and smells and recalling how and why he became so invested in Russia and (yes!) vampires. Visit his guest page for more information:

NOTE: Episode recorded May 10th, 2019 at the University of Texas at Austin

Co-Producer: Tom Rehnquist (Connect: facebook.com/thomas.rehnquist)
Co-Producer: Milena D-K (Connect: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010939368892 Instagram: @thedistantsea and @milena.d.k)
Associate Producer: Matthew Orr (Connect: facebook.com/orrrmatthew)
Associate Producer: Lauren Nyquist (Connect: facebook.com/lenyquist Instagram: @nyquabbit)

Music/Sound Design: Charlie Harper (Connect: facebook.com/charlie.harper.1485 Instagram: @charlieharpermusic Visit him on the web: www.charlieharpermusic.com)

Executive Producer & Creator: Michelle Daniel (Connect: facebook.com/mdanielgeraci Instagram: @michelledaniel86) www.msdaniel.com

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