Co-Host of The Slavic Connexion

Mykhaylo (Misha) Simanovskyy is a first-year graduate student pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Global Policy Studies from the LBJ School of Public Affairs and Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies from the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies at UT Austin. He obtained a B.S. in Political Science from Texas Christian University in 2021. Being a native of Donetsk, Ukraine, Misha is passionate about researching Russian foreign policy in its Near Abroad and the Middle East, US-Russia relations, and Ukrainian politics. He is a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian and speaks Arabic and Polish at an intermediate level. After graduating from UT, Misha aspires to work in diplomacy, pursuing improvement of US-Russia relations and conflict resolution in Ukraine.

Misha has hosted 18 Episodes.