Zoltán Ginelli

Special guest

Zoltán Ginelli is an independent researcher and a critical geographer, historian of science and global historian. His research is in the geographies of knowledge, world-systems analysis, and the histories of geography, colonialism and racism, with a focus on the historical relations between Eastern Europe and the Global South or the Third World. Zoltán presented his work at numerous international academic conferences and taught at various universities and colleges, including Milestone Institute and guest lectures at The University of Manchester and Rutgers University. Between 2015 and 2019, he worked as an assistant researcher in the 1989 After 1989 and Socialism Goes Global projects at The University of Exeter. In 2020, his project Postcolonial Hungary: Eastern European Semiperipheral Positioning in Global Colonialism in the EEGA program at The University of Leipzig explored Hungarian colonial history from a world-systemic perspective. Recently, he co-curated with art historian Eszter Szakács the exhibition Transperiphery Movement: Global Eastern Europe and Global South in May 2021 for the OFF-Biennale Budapest. Zoltán is currently working on two books. One for Cambridge University Press with James Mark and Péter Apor about the global histories of Hungarian relations to colonialism and anti-colonialism in the long 20th century, entitled "Che in Budapest: Hungary Between the Colonial and Anti-Colonial Worlds". The other is his individual book project based on his doctoral research about the global histories of the "quantitative revolution" in geography. Whenever he can, Zoltán enjoys doing research, but he also loves teaching, travelling, art, music and Mediterranean cuisine. On gloomy evenings he plays Texas blues on his prized American Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Check him out on his website at zoltanginelli.com and on Twitter: @ZGinelli.
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