Jordan Steven Sher

Special guest

Jordan Steven Sher is a social worker and former teacher who has turned to writing in recent years to champion the causes of several ethnic groups that have been marginalized and demonized. Jordan's latest book And Still We Rise focuses on the Bosnian Genocide. His interest in writing a novel on this topic stems from meeting two Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) women who were children in 1992 who allowed him to include their stories for the "Our Neighbors, Their Voices" book. He has learned a great deal more about the atrocities that took place in Bosnia in his journey to use his writing to give voice to truth, and to counter the narrative of denial and revisionism for many in Serbia and Republika Srpska. Jordan is writing a third book chronicling stories of Bosniaks living in the North American diaspora. He lives with his wife in Northern California. Visit his website for more information and to read his blog.

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