Seva Novgorodsev (Сева Новгородцев)

Special guest

Seva Novgorodsev MBE[1] (Russian: Се́ва Новгоро́дцев, which is a pseudonym, his real name being Vsevolod Borisovich Levenstein (Всеволод Борисович Левенштейн); born 9 July 1940) is a radio presenter on the BBC Russian Service, and is famous through the former Soviet Union.

He created the music programme «Рок-посевы» ("Rock sowing" or "Rock crops", in Russian containing a pun with the name Seva) and the chat shows «Севаоборот» (Sevaoborot, a pun with the Russian word sevooborot, "crop rotation") and «БибиСева» (BBSeva). He has also written the books «Рок-Посевы» (Rock the Seva way) and «Секс, наркотики, рок-н-ролл» (Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll).

He was Russia's first radio DJ, and he has also features in a number of films. Since 1981 he has been married to actress Karen Craig, with whom he co-wrote a Russian cookbook for Sainsbury's in 1990,[2] but they later divorced. He is now married to Olga, who is a designer.
On 4 September 2015, at the age of 75, Seva retired from broadcasting but continues to tour the former USSR and makes frequent media appearances from London to Moscow.

Seva Novgorodsev (Сева Новгородцев) has been a guest on 3 episodes.