Susanne Sternthal

Special guest

Dr. Susanne Sternthal holds a doctorate in political science and a masters in philosophy from Columbia University. Her research has focused on various aspects of Soviet history, in particular the Gorbachev period of de-Stalinization. She has published a number of articles in various major journals as well as a book on Gorbachev's reforms. In the early 90s, she worked as a marketing director and liaison for a U.S.-Tatarstan telecommunications joint venture in Kazan, Tatarstan. Having spent many years in D.C., she has been a writer for a weekly news magazine, founded "LYNX International, LLC" to help U.S., FInnish, and Russian companies identify prospective investors., and worked as the Business Development Manager in the Russia Practice of the law firm Coudert Brothers, LLC. In addition, she spent several years as a visiting fellow in the Russia Institute at King's College in London. Furthermore, with her husband, Dr. Mark Pomar, she moved to Moscow and served as a guest lecture at Russian State Humanities University and as a contributing writer to several journals such as Open Democracy and FT Magazine.

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