Marina Alexandrova (Марина Александрова)

Special guest

Voted one of UT's Top Ten Professors (which is a big deal), Dr. Marina Alexandrova was born and raised in Saratov, Russia. She received her MA equivalent in English from Saratov State University, and her PhD in Comparative Literature (Russian and Spanish American Literatures) from the University of Texas at Austin. Her dissertation analyzes the formation of the literary public spheres in Russia and Argentina, focusing on the avant-garde literary groups and their complex interactions with the state.

Dr. Alexandrova's current research interests include the art and literature of Russian modernism and avant-garde, the history of Russian food production and consumption, and Russian radical and revolutionary movements. During Spring 2018, Dr. Alexandrova taught her new course "Advanced Russian through Drama," which culminated in student production of Vladimir Mayakovsky's controversial comedy "Bedbug" (1928). Watch clips from the performance here:

In 2018, Dr. Alexandrova worked with Austin Shakespeare Company on their new production of Anton Chekhov's play "The Seagull" ( Hear KUT Arts Eclectic's full interview with the director, actors, and Dr. Alexandrova about Chekhov's Seagull here:

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Marina Alexandrova (Марина Александрова) has been a guest on 2 episodes.