Heather Rice

Special guest

Russian language pedagogy, creating Russian language instructional materials, 2nd language acquisition, phonetics and phonology, Russian and Soviet cinema

Born and raised in Northeast Houston to Texan natives whose ancestry most likely traces back to French and Irish immigrants, I never knew much about Russia - its language or its culture. I came to The University of Texas as a freshman, ready to study Spanish and math, but instead ended up in a Russian class full of very clever and intimidating graduate students. I fell in love with the enigmatic beauty of Russian almost immediately and changed my major nearly as fast. I have traveled to Russia several times - as student, teacher, and study abroad guide. I continue to study Russian, for it is a life-long process, and my love for it has not once wavered. In 2015 I earned my Ph.D. in linguistics and Slavic languages, and I now have the privilege of creating the content for and teaching the Department's new and fully online Russian language course.


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