The Slavic Connexion

A fresh international chat show from the University of Texas at Austin

Connexion is happening... Thank you to our guests!

Firstly thanks to all of our early-stage listeners and supporters both at the University of Texas and all the way around the globe (apparently in Switzerland and Norway too). You guys are the best, and we truly appreciate all of you. We're totally underdogs in podcasting, but we will prevail! Hopefully.

We had some amazing guests last week--some of those episodes are already up, but some are yet to be produced and/or rendered, depending on if it's just audio or audio and video. What we're discovering as we go is the ridiculous frustrations of our technological limitations. Our producer's internet was down for the last three days, so new videos could only be upoaded to YouTube while on campus! And that's just not happening when we're going from class to class and sneaking interviews into the breaks. But we do what we can and the iimportant thing--as one Texas bumper sticker put it--is that we PERSIST! So we're persisting, and we hope you all will persist with us.

Just a quick shout-out and thank you to a few of the guests we've had so far:

1) Dr. Vladislav Beronja has the honor (and our eternal gratefulness) for being the FIRST professor to guest star on the show. His episode is not up yet unfortunately, due to additional post-production that has to happen, but we're so thankful that he agreed (with enthusiasm, I might add) to show his support for this nascent project. Thank you!

2) Our first guest from the Clements Center, Dr. Mark Pomar was so gracious and generous with his time, agreeing to participate though he is almost weekly featured on Voice of America TV. Surely, our operation was a little on the quaint and rustic side, but we're trying. Dr. Pomar was a fantastic speaker; his breadth of knowledge and experience is overwhelming! I was blown away, and to be honest, intimidated (who wouldn't be?). But it was funny with him because we could've recorded several episodes and would never have run out of subject matter. We had so much extra material, we were wondering afterwards what to do with it all. Trailers and bonuses obviously.

3) Dr. Mary Neuburger is just hands-down the best not only because she buys us all cookies (they're so good) but because she has an engaging way of explaining Balkan history to someone (like me) who knows next to nothing about the Balkan region. We thank her for her time and her support to all of us students--the best director we could ask for!

4) Dr. Mark Lawrence is from the History Department at UT, and as a Vietnam War expert, maybe some of you might be thinking he's not the best fit for The Slavic Connexion. But we'd like to diplomatically disagree. I personally had such a great time talking with Professor Lawrence and felt like I could've talked to him for hours. His humble manner though he definitely knows more than I ever will is so refreshing and inspiring. I felt lucky to have been able to interview him, and we're so thankful that he took the time out of his insane schedule to be on the show.

5) Dr. Bella Jordan is certainly the Siberian Sweetheart of the department. And if you listen to my interview with her (episode entitled "Don't argue with a geographer") you'll see why. She's lived and because she's lived her stories are fantastic and endless. We will definitely have her back on the show soon as the analytics don't lie--our listeners love Bella!

6) One more shout-out goes to Dr. Michael Mosser from the Government Department. One of the busiest people we've ever encountered, Dr. Mosser was kind enough to carve out forty-five minutes of his time so that my fellow host Lauren Nyquist could interview him. Lauren has nothing but praise for Dr. Mosser (as do many, many other students all over the 40 Acres of UT). So, thank you Dr. Mosser for being a fantastic professor and a part of The Slavic Connexion! (Check out his episode, "The International Purview with Michael Mosser"!)