The Slavic Connexion

A fresh international chat show from the University of Texas at Austin

Day 1

Basically, here's how it went down... show creator Michelle and I showed up in Burdine at 1 PM on the last Friday of February, talked shop for twenty minutes (our vision for this project, what we want students to get out of it, what's the plan for weekly releases of episodes, etc.) and then we entered the Fusion Room (where the magic happens... hopefully). It's basically the plainest classroom imaginable with a nice flatscreen on one wall and computers on two ends. The problem was the unappealing glass whiteboard. Needed some work, obviously. So we started decorating. The before and after pics would have been priceless, but we only have the after.

After all was as we wanted it (almost), we started messing with technology and wires. Lots of wires. And that's when things got a bit tangled. Oh, and the camera kept running out of battery and we kept switching to Michelle's phone. But, we put our master's degree heads together and managed to figure it out. And so, by the time guest number one arrived, Dr. Vladislav Beronja, we were ready. Mostly.

All in all, good times and a decent 4 hours of recording. Next time, though, it will be better, and no one will nervously tap on the table where the microphone is sitting so that it sounds like the bottom end of the Imperial March in post-production. Just saying... :)